A Case of Style and Substance at Snooty Mehmaan

The Snooty Mehmaan is no ordinary Friday-night curryhouse, as MICHELLE TOMPKINS discovers
WHAT better way to celebrate a week of virtuous living than with a fiery hot curry and a glass of wine?
The Snooty Mehmaan, A420, Littleworth, Faringdon, Oxon, SN7 8PW   Tel: 01367 242260
Open: Monday to Saturday, lunch noon to 2.30pm and dinner 6pm to 11pm. Sunday, lunch noon to 4pm and dinner 6pm to 11pm.
It was Friday night and I’d spent the working week on a strict detox plan in the name of good health. Green tea, leafy veg and a few dry crackers were all that had passed my lips for days, so it only seemed proper to mark the end of the regime in style.

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